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Being somebody means to be yourself::Life is much more complicated than that but I try hard to fulfill my own destiny::In the end, whatever happens "Life must go on"

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

::LiFe aS a DaNcEr::

I've been dancing like forever.....I remembered clearly during my early days(kindergaten for exact),I was a VERY SHY boy(can't believe it?Neither do I)...I don't want to get entangled with anything,I don't have too much friends...When the other kids strutted their stuff and played actively,I was there sitting, watching.....hehehehe so when I entered primary, my mom made a pack with this teacher to invite me dancing....since you are still kid and bound to listen to your parents(I was back then!) so I gave it a try....It was fun(and still fun!)...so there I was embarked on a new journey becoming a professional(I pretend ones!) dancer....that was a great kick-start for me;I involved more on the art stream(singing,performing,reciting Quran[can i count it as art?] etc)
The only thing that I hate of being a dancer up until now is the prejudgement by others(who clearly are not dancers!) I maintained my intention of being involved in dancing since the beginning..I don't go for fame(you'll get it for sure),it's just personal satisfaction..when I dance,I ease my tense(different people have different ways) and I got a lot of friends by doing so...think of the positive reasons behind everything...in whatever you do there will always be a pinch of cons too...as long as I know where I stand, I'm surely doing the right thing...hey!I didn't stripped(and will not!) and I didn't hug or embrace any of my dance mates(particularly the different sex)...I'm just doing what I like as what other people are doing what they like....
The reason in life is clearly created by yourself...Follow the right path and you are doing fine baby!(hehehehehe)...Just remember to not overstepped the border....All I know, I love dancing and still want to...
I have a lot(A LOT!) of situations where people can't accept this but I'm not going to spill it now....I'll post it later so that a lot more stories can reach my blog....It feels nice to write this down....hopefully nobody get offended by me...Minds don't think alike....bak kata pepatah Melayu>>"Lain padang lain belalang,lain orang lain ragamnya"(finally there are Malay words in here..grinn...)
chalos!See you around next time!

::hUg aNd KiSsEs::

::My nieces,nephew and sister...from left is Dhiya,then Fatin,my lil sister Adeq and on the front line my nephew Abang..Don't they look adorable?(although the pic seems blurry)..Missing them now!...grin:: Posted by Hello

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Here I am...writing my first blog...actually I should thanks Narul for this coz I'm kind like envy him for his blog...so what did I do next?...Yup! Create my own blog of course!heheheheh....I have nothing to share yet(not in my mind now!)...but hopefully as time goes by, a lot will be written here..... So if you have any comments, don't hesitate to speak it up(hopefully they are all positives one!)...Cau cincau for now!

^my LyriCs^

This is one of my fav song for the moment...mayb it's because of the melody(mcm melody sandoval dlm bituin lak) to some extend it's lyrics....but above all....aku suker suara penyanyi tuh Sahri(AF1)...jiwang tetiba...if only I have that kind of voice......heheheh...so here goes::

Memori Bahagia

Sayu ku terdengar suaramu
Memanggilku sedar dari lena
Mimpi yang terindah bersamamu
Umpama tiada ungkapan perpisahan

Mungkin harapan yang telah terbina
Seakan pudar warnanya
Saat sekian lamanya
Bila kau ucapkan
Air mata ini membasahi pipi

Mampukah ku alunkan semua tawamu
Menjadi melodi menemani diriku
Dapatkah kita memahami jalinan suci
Apakah ertinya kasih sayang ini

Berikanlah masa untuk difikirkan
Apa yang terbaik bagi meneruskan
Percintaan yang terpendam di jiwa

Dikaulah kejora
Yang menerangi hatiku kala sepi
Termenungku sendiri

Kesilapanku yang dulu
Menyentuh kalbumu

Kenanglah memori bahagia
Kau dan aku seiring berpimpin tangan
Mengukir senyuman saling merasa
Dan merindu bila bertemu

seriously,I luuuurve this song...huhuhuhuhu
(coming up next:: more songs?)