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Saturday, June 18, 2005

::I'm bAcK!(mY pOsT fRoM mLnG)::


It's been like a month kan since I post something here..bukan apa,kat tempat praktikal aku susah sgt nk check internet..

so here I am in Bintulu, having my precious 7 months period of training at MLNG..It's been a week already, tapi tak der kerja sgt la setakat nih...The saddest part is, aku tak melapor diri pun first day tuh coz i was infected with chicken pox start dtg kat bintulu nih..that was the worst part!aku sedih sgt coz tak gi melapor the first day, aku gi pun dah third day..and aku tertinggal sket from the rest of the group yg dtg sini.. they'll get their staff card this monday tapi aku kena tunggu another one week la.. for the time being kena guna pas sementara dulu..huhuhuh

All of us are being assigned to technologists department but in different sub-department...yg sedey nyer, byk buat kerja dlm pejabat jer..buhsan la gak..based on the info that we got, kadang2 jer dpt gi plant...most of the time mengadap depan komp and do all the programming parts..mcm budak2 IT pulak..for the time being, tak der komp pun lagi....

Life kt MLNG nih best, coz pengangkutan disediakan(given that, aku ting and fiza still naik kereta ting utk gi kerja...hahaha) mayb later we use that bus kot...lunch is provided in a very beautiful cafeteria(just like hotel beb!) but then u have to get lunch coupon every week la...we got 2 uniforms just like the workers here and a safety boot each...sounds interesting kan?tapi busan la jugak..huhuhu

supervisor so far ok la...nampak baik la..huhuhu we'll see later kan?ahakz...buat masa skang nih, susah sket nk update my blog ni daily..so just bare with it..mayb i'll update it like weekly....mcm weekly report lak kan?

above all, I miss my life back in UTP..seriously!I miss the cafe,the kopet, the room and most importantly i miss you guys!huhuhuhu...hope to see you guys again nnt...wish me luck here!see ya around...to ameco and katadah, do send me email(email jer bole check slalu kt one of the comps in department aku!)...see ya guys! Muahs!

::mIsSinG yOu::