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Saturday, September 24, 2005

::bAcK FrOm HiBeRnAtIoN::

Hola Everyone!
It's been quite a while(not a while...looooong time ago) since I las updated my blog..Honestly, I miss doing this thing(typing and stroy-telling) but I can't help it...My company(my office) has only one internet computer and you don't have that privilage to sit for more than 30 minutes there(everyone else want to use that computer obviously)..so here I am at a Cyber Cafe hoping to at least post one new entry(which will sum up the event since my last entry)
The job here is hectic(eventhough i hate it so much) but man got to do what he got to do rite?That's what I'm doing basically..to stay put on something I don't like to do...Cerita die mcm nih..Projek2 aku nih sumer nyer psl modelling and programming(mesti korang tertanya2 kenapa budak Chem Eng mcm aku buat programming lak kan?)..I'm an outdoor person and bila kena duduk depan komp dari pagi sampai petang,meluat la pulak aku kan?Kat sini ada plant but aku cuma pegi kat situ like 4-5 kali jer..I couldn't blame my Sv because die pun tak gi selalu..The root problem is, I was assigned to wrong department...Emmm..Since this is one of the challenge in my course to complete the degree..so I'm holding it back...I'm doing my best on the projects and hopefully can come out as a good result(wish me for that!)What I know now, I'm not going to work here after my study later on..Never!Huhuhuhu
Forget about that for now..Next story..At last I manage to pull myself together to compete in one of the singing competition here...This is my first try since Primary 4(as far as I remember)...The outcome?Heheheh..Eventhough I didn't manage to clinch the main prizes but being in the Final 8 out of 30+ contestants,I would consider that as a big break for me rite?I sang "Kau Pergi Jua" that nite..and what even great was, it was on my birthday(the best present ever!)..huhuhu Latihan aku memang tak der nak compare ngan peserta2 lain but next time I play harder...Next on my list..nak try Msian Idol and AF lak..huhuh Saje nak try...kalo bole lepas..great thing la kan?Just nak tau setakat mana I can go in this thing jer sebenarnya...
I think I have to stop here for now...I'll be around in my blog(tgk jer kat shoutbox tuh)..All the best to everyone and really hope to be back in UTP soon enough!See you guys!