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Being somebody means to be yourself::Life is much more complicated than that but I try hard to fulfill my own destiny::In the end, whatever happens "Life must go on"

Friday, April 22, 2005

~:: DeFiNe FrIeNdS::~

"Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing.There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it's all over"
I got this quote from the net..Well saja nak share the thought with everyone.Pagi nih tetiba jer aku teringat nak kira 'How many friends have I got so far?'
Kalo start kira dari tadika sampai skang, memang banyak..tapi which one are true friends,plain friends or just friends?Most of kawan2 aku yg masa tadika and sekolah rendah dulu aku dh almost lost contact..Mayb I'm taking the words up there "give them time to hurl with their own destiny" wajar ke?Bercakap psl destiny tuh, ramai kawan2 aku yg sekolah rendah dulu tuh dah khawin dah pun..Mayb that's the main reason why I'm forgetting them...They have their own life now..Rite now, I'm like picking up the pieces la..Just playing with the memories over and over again in my head..
Aku mcm kompius jugak, is it only me yang mudah lupakan kawan2 yg dulu or everyone else are doing the same thing?For me, true friends are those yg sampai skang kiter masih nak contact(without concrete reason) walau mcm maner sekalipun.Plain friends yg kiter contact because they contact us dulu or yg kiter hangout and friends on the other hand are just people surrounding our life in the past and now(ader ke tak der mcm tak terasa la!)Betul ke definition aku tuh?
Yang aku perasan kan,at this point of time, we might say to everyone else yg mamat or minah nih is our best(true) friend..tapi cuba tunggu a couple of years later, darjat mamat or minah nih mesti jatuh jd plain freind or just friend because masa tuh, we are introduce with another bunch of people yg bole jadi true friends time tuh.Just like people always say 'sudah dapat gading bertuah, tanduk tidak berguna lagi'(teringat lagu Anne Hamid.Suara die yg tak best tuh!hehehe)...
Tapi bukan la sumer org mcm tuh..tapi most of us tanpa sedar atau tidak, will go through this phase..Ader gak org yg berkawan dr kecik sampai skang bole contact2 lagi, tapi tak ramai la...sebab everyday we face new environment, new problem and for certain new people..these things have the much effect on controlling our decision..Ye la kan, true friends tuh faham and knows about us..tapi kalo die tak der kat tempat kiter masa tuh, nasihat tu might be useless,because she/he is not there to experience the problem with us..So kat sini la, there might be a new true friend yg bole bantu kita..Ader possibility jugak utk kiter ader a lot of true friends each from our generation of life.Sorang true friend masa sekolah rendah, sorang masa sekolah menengah and so on...Good for these people..
Kadang2 aku rasa kekok biler jumpa kawan2 lama yg dulu..Bak lagu Keane "Everybody's changing and I don't feel the same" biler jumpa, mcm lain sgt rasanya..dah tak tau either dieorg nih masih mcm dulu or not..mayb dulu suka tepuk2 bontot, tapi mana tau kalo buat skang, naya jer kena penampar!(hahaha) so dgn jahat nya aku lebey suka menjauhkan diri..aku hanya tegur kalo dieorg tegur dulu...mcm kawan2 sekolah rendah dulu; dulu bukan main lagi pergi mana2 pun mcm belangkas, tapi skang nk kata hai pun susah..aku lepas sekolah rendah aku gi sambung belajar kat tempat jauh(more than 300km) so masa utk kawan2 sekolah nih mcm kurang.Balik ader la 2-3 kali setahun..so kira2 sendiri la kan...
Mayb, somehow the quote betul kot...We can collect as much friends as we want, but we need to give them time to hurl in their destiny and above all kiter kena be prepared to pick up the pieces when it's over anytime soon..To me, I don't regret having friends up until now..Even some dah lost contact, some just kena ignore, gaduh..tapi the memories(good ones) surpassing everything else...I hate living alone in this world and friends is what I really need..I hate eating alone,walking alone and talking alone..That's why friends are essential.."No man is an island" Even if you are my true friends, plain friends or just friends, but the most important word is You are my FRIEND..it sounds nice..daripada tak der langsung kan?
So I think, save the moment with your friends..Say it before it's too late..and above all treasure the time and memories together..making friends is great thing to do!
::mIsS mY fRiEnDs::

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

~i'M bAcK~

Hello everyone..Miss me? heheheheh...
Nih kind like terpaksa la jugak buat entry baru coz everyone asyik tanya aku biler nk kuar entry baru... A few reasons actually:

  • Tak der isu2 yg nk dibincangkan sgt
  • Aku tak nk jadikan blog aku seakan2 diari(hehehehe)
  • Aku busy giler siut(ahakz!)
  • Nak bukak account blog aku amik masa yg sanggggggat lama

So, here I am..Got lucky that I can access my blog..So first, let's talk bout what I did this couple of days.... Everything now is about my internship.Eventhough I have a lot of projects and assignments to catch up, but my mind is somewhere else(well not really, just thinking bout my internship actually!)

Last weekend was like h**l. Seriously..Anyone who knows bout this should understand. Because I got called for interview in KL, I have to rush there on Sunday and since I have a lot of stuffs to be completed here, I have to get back on Monday nite...Can imagine how hectic it is? and on the way there, there were MANY obstacles but I dont need to list down each and eeryone of it though...

The interview was okay I guess, but I dont have high hope for it though...At least I've tried my best and got selected(that pretty much an achievement didn't it?)..So here I am back with all the things I've left before..Luck just there...I got a call from another company willing to hire me as a trainee..but I have to reconsider..It's not that I'm being picky, but if you are stranded away alone in a place u didn't know..it's pretty scary..I'm still considering it though(they gave me 1 week to think over) as long as I have someone else who's willing to work there..at least I have someone to rely on(actually sharing the rent and evrything!hahahaha)

So, anyone out there who's reading this, do pray for me(I want to have my placement in Bintulu actually) or mayb u have something else to say bout this...I have to sign off now..and u might wondering when would my entry appear again here(hahahaah)..to tell u the truth, I don't know either...but I have a lot on my mind now..and I'll promise I'll share it with you guys later in my next entry..so chow for now...(I'm babbling am I?)

::tIrEd aNd HoPiNg::