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Saturday, December 31, 2005

~^cOuNtInG tHe DaYs^~

I'm back!
Now, I'm counting up the days to finish my practical here..Can't wait for another 3 weeks...Can't wait to go back and meet my friends, can't wait to sing out loud in the shower, can't wait to go to lectures(really?), can't wait to hang around at the cafe..Oh My God!There's a lot of things I really miss doing!Can't believe what practical can do to you!It retards everything you want to do(literally!)
But there are few things that practical provide me...Allowances obviously!Hahahaha... I got to meet professionals though and build up network if that what people are saying it nowadays...Seriously if I were to compare between working and studying,I would certainly pick studying!Working is not all sweets and nice thing..You get your pay cheque, travelling and that mostly it!No mistake is allowed(you are jeopardising the whole company there dude!)..
This does not mean that I won't go to work, but not just yet!I think what I learn the most from internship is that, enjoy your student's life while you can, because once you get to that business world,you'll certainly lost everything.I see a lot in these people eyes here back at my company.You can't blame anyone though,you have the choice to differ, so pick up the best way..
Anyway, wish me luck for the next 3 weeks here...I'll see you guys then!Hola!

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Hola everyone,
I'm back after a long retreat from this blog of mine...Bukan nya apa, kat tempat praktikal aku nih, bukan nya bole masuk blog nih..company policy konon nya, plus kerja sepanjang praktikal nih tak membenarkan aku untuk bersuka-suka meng'update' kan blog aku nih...
So everytime aku masuk balik kat blog aku nih, I have to sum up all the events occured la nampaknya...My practical period is almost done here, another 5 weeks and off I go back to UTP..I miss UTP life(how many times has I said this?huhuu) but seriously I do.
I bought Nikki(Malaysian Idol Season 1) album last week..It is a great album..I love the composition, the music, the voice(who would deny it!)...The lyrics are quite good too(not all)..Lyrics by Ad Samad are good(obviously..this guy sure can write) but a few of the songs I think need better lyrics.The music and composition are rich and it safe to say that the album overall is more Westernised than Easternised..Sometime I could hear a bit of Mariah Carey voice and album in it, but I take that as a compliment though..How many singers can do Mariah's style of singing rite?Nikki herself is well-known for her ability to stretch her voice ala Mariah..I think Nikki can go far in the industry...She is one of the few rising stars who has all that needed in the industry..I thought she would compete with Jaclyn Victor in the final of Malaysian Idol before..but Malaysian has something else to say though..I'm still happy that she managed to clinch a recording contract and produce an album which I waited so long before...You go nikki!
My final presentation is scheduled on 4th January 2006(wish me luck!) so rite now I'm trying hard to finish all the projects(problems are always there with my projects)..Hopefully I can finish them up real soon..uishh....Ok guys! Gotto go now...Dont forget to buy Nikki's album(if you can't go get it by any means-you figure it out!)See ya all really soon9this is especially for those in UTP)..Cau Cin Cau!
::CoUnTiNg tHe DaYs::