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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Busy Kah Aku?

Wassap people...

Sorry for the late entry..Actually kinda busy lately...was busy with PPA the weeks before, some work to be done, meeting here and there...and it continues with my training this whole week..

Hmm...actually I kinda have an idea on what to put in my blog every week actually...Since I'm starting to become a fan of OIAM3(to those who doesnt have a clue on this, it's a reality singing contest on 8TV read: One In A Million Season 3) so maybe i should just give some opinion on the contestants' perfomances every week..(gosh, please people...i dun want to make a promise, but i'll try my best...hahahah)..Btw, diari OIAM3 pun aku tgk gak...hahahaha

Since it's almost Friday..hmm..should I give my comments on their performance last week?hmmm... well for starter, I think it would be a close fight this season..Personally, a lot of potential, talented contestants this time around...

And personally..I'm a big fan on Pija, Amylea, Rizu(crazy choice huh?hahaha), Nine..who else?I think that's it for now...I think Pija and Amylea had grew so much post Mentor and AF respectively..and as for Rizu, I think he has that big voice(small statue) and if he able to get rid of that 'nonsense' facial expressions everytime he sings, he would go far..Rizu, please, less facial and mouth movement~~And as for Nine...I love(in a gud way) him since I saw him auditioned for this season..but lately( 2 weeks in a row), he kinda fails me...Nine, what happen to u?

As for the other contestants...you guys are talented too, but as for now, my votes go to these 4 people..I'm starting to like Fify too(so naive and innocent, die kena tipu masa pertandingan nyanyi sebelum ni..hahaha..lawak pun ada)..

Last week performances(Top 11) was bad compared to the first week(Top 12)..I'm sitting here and try to remember who stood out...Hmmm... I like Rizu's voice(although I know a lot of people will disagree this), but his rendition of My Way is something I havent heard before..and the finishing note;I got goose bumps(seriously guys!), but that's only happen when I closed my eyes la..hahaha...sbb bila bukak mata, dang!Tengok facial expression ala Broadway, really turned me off...He needs to lay back a bit, kalo tak org akan tgk die as arroagant...

Pija mmg drop dead buruk last week...awal2 masuk dah pitching off and she did not do justice to Kelly's song and also her own voice...Come on! She can do better than that mcm die bawak lagu Meet Uncle Hussin(MUH) the other week...And Amylea,kinda safe performance I would say, singing her own composition,she did it easily..(she deserve the immunity anyway simply because she's the best of the bunch last week)..

Esther, girl, you have the voice, but somehow, I can still see the 'clubbish-singer' style when you are on stage..shake them off Esther..and please don't 'eat' your words..Dia nyanyi mcm mengngulum..Tak clear pun apa dia nyanyi...and what's with that choice of song?'Lagu ni mengingatkan saya kepada kawan baik saya semasa saya mau ke KL'..gosh..who cares?pick some other song..kwn je pun...Tapi bukan Esther je salah pilih lagu...ramai lagi...Han for instance..Getaran Jiwa?Hello?Please la Han,if you sing it with greatness, then I won't get mad..Betul ckp Syafinaz kat Han, dr mula smp habis lagu..pitchy gile!

Aweera?Adui, budak ni...aku suka die bile die tak menjerit mcm pontianak..asyik2 nk menjerit, kejap lagi menjerit..rasa nk cekik je...You already sounds good with that voice of yours, tau la nk buat style sendiri, tapi God!berapa kali nk buat shrieking sounds tu?Menjengkelkan~~Like last week, nyanyi ke menjerit?dr mula smp habis buat style tu..menyampah lak...Grow up Aweera!

Nine pun sama, lagu tak sesuai, both to the audiences and his own voice...The lay back style masa die audition week, eleminition week is MUCH MUCH better..Cepat la sedar Nine, or else you gonna be booted out~Anith?bagi aku so so la...die comel, tapi I am yet to see her true potential in this competition..and honestly, she's forgettable..Need to play her game better if she want to continue on~~Fify did ok for me...menarik gak die bawak lagu Elyana tu, dia bawak different way from the original singer..Simon?hmm..another forgettable item at this point of time..he has the voice..and what's with Paul Moss's comment?Nak suruh Simon maintain dgn guitar die the whole competition sbb tu style die?so challenge yourself by not using your guitar..And Paul Moss(if only you read my blog...hahahah), if you could ask Simon to maintain what he did with his guitar, then you shouldn't asked Han(just an example) to change her style of singing ballad songs too...Be consistent with your comment Paul!And lastly Tomok...Hmm..yes Tomok, we know you can sing (kalo tak buat apa la ko ada group New Boyz tu kan?), tapi man!Lagu 'Rahsia Pohon Cemara'?....adui...dah la arrangement baru tu buruk..tak sedap langsung...lagu asal lagi sedap ye...I'm not gonna be prejudice on Tomok, but as for now Tomok, you are still the way you are before(minus the sengau....yup, dah kurang sengau sket...)...

Well people, this is just my personal opinion and if you don't like it, I can't care much..Everyone is entitle with their own piece of mind...So, if you want to share your opinion, you can do so...Based on the performance alone, I think Han or Aweera would be voted out, tapi judging from the previous voting pattern, we will never know, sbb last week Pija and Amylea pun bottom 3..hmmm...Tapi Ayu mmg patut 1st keluar time tu, since die la paling buruk time tu..Rosak lagu Matahariku tu~~~Gud Luck Ayu~~ Maybe this competition is not for you yet..

So kepada Captain and Narul..I'm back..seperti yang dijanjikan~~Hahaha..

More to come~~~

Hugs and Kisses


Blogger Hafidz Gafa said...

letak la gambar...

ko google aje, sure ada muka pija, amylea sumer tu

quote narul: ye la tu ee nak update...ntah2 satu episod je...pastuh next review time final OIAM nanti!

ko cilikan aje mulut narul tu....hahaha

11:06 PM  
Blogger ~Ee~ said...

tk smpt letak gmbr lagi...nnt aku letak kan la..huhuh..

ni pun takut korang bising2 je..hahaha...

cilikan mulut narul untuk aku~~muahaha

11:58 PM  
Blogger - k.arifin - said...

mane leh letak gambar sukati je mcm tu. kena qoute sekali ler kapten. bg credit.

6:44 PM  

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