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Friday, March 20, 2009

::Top 8 OIAM3::

Wassap guys..

Sorry for the no-update on the Top 9 last week...was not feeling very well after the show..and I left my comments(yes peeps, I wrote them down on a paper every week..hahaha) unattended..Lagipun the next day kena drive gi Kerteh for my fren's wedding..So mmg tak larat sgt that nite....

So I'm back again this week...Actually last week I wrote down that Anith, Simon or Aweera was on chopping block based on their performances...but it should be more on Anith..and wallah! what did I say? She indeed got booted out this week...Mcm aku cakap selalu..Anith ni bole nyanyi, tapi tone die biasa je..and performance die mmg amatuer sket, nothing suprise, no creativeness...so kinda boring mcm Pija...So goodbye Anith..doakan yg terbaik untuk you after this..You still young...you can improve more over time...and she did better on the farewell song (Kerna Kamu-Faizal Tahir), but what done is done...

Persembahan pembukaan from Top 8 menarik..lagu Seksis(Anita Sarawak)...tapi I know, sumer part harmony penyanyi latar band yg tolong buatkan..huhuh..takpe la...performance je pun..hihih...So let start with my review for this week...Sekali lagi diigtkan, ni personal opinion..kalo tak suka, sorry la...I'm not a professional, just personal note and a bit on what I know about music...So here goes...hihihi

Tomok (Gantung-Melly Goeslow)

Vokal: Diction mcm English sket(sebutan 'T' and 'S' mcm ada problem), lower register kurang dengar, and pitching ada problem sket. I think lagu ni patut dinaikkan one key higher than apa yg ada, sbb range vokal die bole stretched lagi

Persembahan: Lambat heat up, kat hujung baru build up,this week graf die turun sket, a bit jaded~

Amylea (I'm Yours-Jason Mraz)

Vokal: Dari dulu suka tone almost sengau dia, vocal variation bagus, tak banyak problem

Persembahan: Kreatif dgn reggae mood, relax and cool, her strength is her creativeness and tak mengejutkan die pandai buat lagu semua,seems professional

Aweera (Tiada Lagi-Mayang Sari)

Vokal: Sebutan tak jelas, almost sengau je nyanyi,tak menyakitkan telinga sbb tak menjerit

Persembahan: Amy Search versi amatuer! been there done that la Aweera, pliz la be more creative

Rizu (Mercy-Duffy)

Vokal: Falsetto die ada kureng sket mlm ni, tapi part vokal still mengagumkan mcm biasa

Persembahan: Simple arrangement, menarik sbb lain sket dr lagu asal, mimik muka kena tone down a bit more dik..die kena cari cara untuk membuat Paul and Syafinaz suka kat dia and bagi immunity tu..

Simon (When You're Gone-Avril Lavigne)

Vokal: tone suara sedap, sesuai dengan lagu, part chorus ada pitchy sket

Persembahan: 'Predictable-Simon-show', dia mmg tak bole keluar dr comfort zone, nothing new on the creativeness and arrangement

Iklan sekejap: Paul Moss ni mmg pilih kasih..Bila time Simon je, semuanya tak apa, 'that's his zone'..bullshit!kalo org lain, die suruh ubah tu ubah ni..kalo Simon keep listening to Paul ni and tak nk keluar dr comfort zone dia, he's going out really soon...skrang dah semakin boring la Simon, yes he can sing, but that's it nothing more...should we give him RM 1 mill?Basker tepi jln pun sedap gak..nyanyi berdiri mcm tu je..so bagi la RM 1 mill kat dieorg gak...So Simon, please be more creative..tap to the other side of you..move forward, don't just stay there!

Fify (Pria Terhebat-SO7)

Vokal: yes she can sing,tapi lower register kurang support sket,and mlm ni vokal die shaky sket

Persembahan: arrangment okay sbb keluar dr kepompong SO7, but i'm starting to get bored with her performance.Mcm Syafinaz ckp, die kena try something new with her vocal and all that

Nine (Karma-Cokelat)

Vokal: suka his voice this week, rich, cool and relax, ada vocal variation tapi after chorus, pitching berterabur..

Persembahan: mcm opposite je muzik lagu ni, lirik die mcm sedey, tapi arrangment mcm happy mappy, kurang berminat dgn interpretation lagu ni, but he try..clap for that!

Esther (Won't Go Home Without You-Maroon 5)

Vokal: vocal almost kepit die works for her, sbb tone die sedap, not really much problem

Persembahan: I HATE THE ARRANGMENT..dah tak de bunyi lagu asal langsung, which in bad word 'MEROSAKKAN LAGU ASAL'...You can call me orthodox or whatever, tapi tolong la kekalkan keaslian asal lagu tuh..ni yang Aidit Alfian try to tell last week die tak nak lagu2 die jadi rosak mcm ni...Syafinaz sure happy dgn performance Esther because she ruined somebody's else songs alot too...tolong lah ye, jgn la rosakkan lagu org...apa la perasaan kalo korang ada buat lagu and org ubah2 main hentam cromok je..tapi in terms of audiences interaction, Esther's a pro in that department, and she did enjoy herself on stage..rasanya Esther hanya layak menyanyikan lagu baru sendiri je, sbb nanti die rosakkan lagu2 org lain jugak...

For immunity, aku rasa Esther hanya layak dibagi untuk performance and vocal, tapi her interpertation on the song, she's got my hate vote. I like Amylea's and Rizu's interpertation more so they deserve the immunity too..

Based on this week performance, my bottom 3 would be Simon, Fify and Aweera but votes can change everything..So guess we'll have to wait for the right result next week then...

Untill then, I'm signing off my review for this week~~


Blogger - k.arifin - said...

seriously lagu esther lagu maroon 5? since aku sik pat mok cam lagu sapa ndak pun ya kah. no wonder.

8:56 AM  
Blogger ~Ee~ said...

That's why kek~

Terus buruk lagu ya...

She learnt from her judge(read: syafinaz) to destroy other people songs~

1:23 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

aku bukan rasa esther tak best langsung semalam. buruk gila lagu tu dibuatnya. huhu tak tau apsal dia dapat immunity. haish.

4:37 PM  
Blogger ~Ee~ said...

tau tak pe alin~~huhuhu

10:35 PM  

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