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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

::Back(Again? Untuk Kesekian Kalinya)

Hye everyone....
When was my last post actually?A year ago?hihih...I don't want to give more comments on that..Last month, genap la setahun menjadi pekerja yang bertauliah(ye ek?hihih)...Can't believe it though, that I actually work for a year already~~Nice~~ hihih
Emm...what should I post today?Maybe just some recap what I've been doing for the past 1 year..I've moved from Setapak to Sunway , I've tried One in a Million 2 and AF6 (don't ask me the outcome, obviously if you didn't see me anywhere on the news and TV, you should have guess the result..hahaha), waiting for my 1st car, still working, living my life as normal as you could imagine...emmm..that's basically what i've been through...pretty boring rite?that's why i did not post anything (nak jugak cari alasan...hihih)
Nanti kita tgk apa kesudahan blog ni ye..hihih...adakah ia akan diupdate selalu?atau cuma setahun sekali?hahahha...but something huge is coming my way, and i don't want to enclose anything here yet until it is confirmed...i think i nak beli digi cam(teruk tak?i don't own one yet, cuma berharap camera hp je)...i don't want to buy it before, sbb i don't really like the idea of having one simply because i don't like being behind it, i want to be in front of the camera...hahaha... nanti kalo ada kamera, sure kena amik gambar and gambar sendiri tak byk...hahah...tapi lately, i think i could be a good photographer..(perasan..hihih) so nk try own one camera la...digi cam biasa je pun jadi la..huhuh....
Ok la..nk sign off dulu....next time k? cau cin cau~~


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