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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


God....It's been more than 2 months rasanya since I update this blog....Sorry guys yang tertunggu2 tu....huhuhuh
Entah la, supposedly I can update anytime, kat umah sewa ada jer internet, but dah ada internet nih, the list of things to do is even more rupanya..nak download cerita and lagu lagi, chatting...hahahah...Tapi I try gak nk increase my motivation nk update blog ni regularly,lagipun my office ada internet..hihihi
Well, for those yang tak tau, let me summarised je la what happen after Hewlett-Packard era..hihihi...I worked there for about 2 months, and menganggur sekejap for 1 or 2 weeks..
Ingatkan Petronas akan call, but fruitless tul menunggu..So I decided to hunt for another temp job...Ye la kan, ingat duduk KL nih senang kalo tak kerja?Kalo balik kampung, lagi tak syok, tak kerja, duit pun tak der...so terpaksa gak la carik kerja kat KL..Independant la katakan..Konon...hihihi
So, I went for job hunting kat shopping2 complex..Penat kuar masuk kat kedai2..Nampak advertisement jer, terus try masuk..Malu tak yah nak cakap la...Ingat mintak kerja senang ke?huhuhu...God knows...From my experience kan, we Malaysian still have this thing call gender or race bias...A lot of shop lots dekat complex nih, they put the advertisement looking for people...The minute you turn in asking for the job, they will automatically said 'Sorry, the post have been taken'...At first I was like 'Ok' but as I keep pushing and trying my luck looking for job,I received the same answer from every shop...Then I realized, (sorry kalo ada sesapa terasa), my eyes were not 'sepet' enough, my skin was not fair enough...In short, they need a chinese guy..Seriously, I'm not throwing racism issue in here, but it was so obvious...Maybe gak I'm not that good looking to be a shop assistant(But I think I am..Hahahahahah), tapi the point is, most(more like almost all) of the shop owners and the shop assistants that I met were chinese...What I hate most is, if you are not looking for anyone to fill any post in your shop, why bother putting all the unnecessary advertisements?And it would still be okay if you put honestly on the advertisement saying you only want those who can speak mandarin..The moment you hire somebody, take the damn advertisement off so that nobody, who desperately need a job need to face the same rejection over and over again....Nak marah pun ada, sebab in a way these shop owners are lying saying there is(are) job(s) available..Bukan la nak sgt jadi shop assistant, saja nak isi masa terluang and cari duit poket...but guys, this thing is real....nak jer aku tunjukkan transcript aku sebagai chemical engineer ni....huhuhu...
Just as I was feeling down(tak ada job lagi, and dah rasa 'maybe aku tak ensem kot' hihihihi), I try my last luck dekat GSC(yup!the cinema)..Alhamdullillah, the manager accept me as a temp...and suh jual popcorn...hiihi..GSC ni best la, die bagi peluang kat sesapa jer..india, cina, melayu, campur2..sumer org ada kat situ....as long as you can work and converse in english la...and they did not lie...there was advertisement looking for temporary staff and they conducted an interview...So attention to kedai2 lain yang menipu tuh, contohi la...Tak susah pun..huhuhu...So I worked kat GSC for 1 month, then baru la I dpt call from PETRONAS...at last...
So for now, I'm with my school's fund provider(hihihi) and hopefully everything goes well...As for that race, gender or look bias, we need to do something about this..Maybe we don't have that much power to change it, but next time if any of you or just anyone that you know wanted to find a job and happen to face the same issue, maybe we can stand up for ourselves..I mean I was clueless back then (I realized it after I got back home), but next time, we need to say something to these stupid shop owners!..Maybe ask them why they didnt pull the advertisement off if they already found somebody...Or just directly ask them if they playing the racism card(too much ek?hihihi)
My point is, this happen as often as we would realise....I dont think racism is a good business plan for any one..I'm not saying this for the chinese only(it happened to be that I experienced it most with the chinese shopowners), but sometime malay shop owners did the same thing too..Everyone is entitle for the same oppurtunity to work anywhere as long as you have the right qualities and qualification for that job..Just my 2 cents!
Adios amigos...See you in the next entry...Signing off for now~~


Blogger Charlz said...

about time ko update, ee!! hehe.. yeah, hell i despise racism. biggest issue in msia yet the Government's in denial that it exists still.. huhu.. update more often, u freak! internet berlambak tp pmlas~

11:00 PM  
Blogger ~Ee~ said...

You are rite Charles...Maly shop owners also tend to play the same card..we should do something rite about it?..btw, u called me freak?u r double freak...hahahahah

11:30 PM  

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